we create engaging brand activation

We are specialized in online and offline activation within eSport and gaming

We create brand awareness for our clients through eSport and gaming. We do this by connecting brands with end users through engaging activities. We design and create innovative concepts that enable playful user experiences. And we offer 360° activation both online and offline to accomplish successful conversions.

our services


The cool atmosphere, the great experience, the small details. We promote your brand in unison with your guests as center of attention.


Easy to access with features and engaging entertainment for visitors. We help you create your online universe for your next project.


Kind and listening, explaining about your product to guests and visitors. We have a large team of promoters with great gaming insights.

concept development

From sketch to pop-up store, event or digital universe. We will put our minds and whiteboards to the test to concept develop your project.

field sales

Field sales and brand ambassadors in the market doing compliance, training store staff, and making sure your product is the chose one.


Storage, packing and shipment of goods and elements before, in between and after events. We handle all logistics needed.

ways of working

Every great dream starts with a dreamer, and every successfull project with a good project manager. We help you get safely from idea through development and all the way to people actually buying your product.

from brainstorm to selling products



what, why, how, when and where


theme and elements


concept and ideas



offers from suppliers

cost calculation

how much


adjustments and quotation



venue, elements, logistics etc.


venue, suppliers, partners etc.


logistics and construction


reporting and evaluation

impact, photos, video, statistics

feedback and feedforward

we use skilled and handpicked experts

At iPlay we are specialized in creating, designing and delivering unique services and products. In this process we use some of the best available suppliers and partners, who are experts in their field.

To meet the standards of iPlay and our clients, our suppliers and partners are handpicked and selected based on professionalism, quality, compliance, cost effectiveness and timely delivery.

Our suppliers and partners work as an integrated extension of iPlay with a high level of skilled craftsmanship. We share the same ethics and values, and live up to both safety and work regulations.

clients we have done business for

some of our latest productions

Elkjøp 2019: The Gathering, NPF etc.

Lenovo 2019: LEGION community site

Microsoft 2019: NPF, Spillexpo etc.

Nintendo 2019: Spillexpo

OnePlus 2019: NPF

youSee 2019: NPF

Rig 2019: Dreamhack, NPF etc.

Lenovo 2019: NPF

Logitech 2019: NPF

Lenovo 2019: Dreamhack

about us

our vision

"We endeavor to the strengthening and positioning of your brand within gaming, eSport and/or consumer electronics by being one of the best performing, most important and reliable key players for next level brand activation."

our mission

“We strengthen and activate your brand position within gaming, eSport and/or consumer electronics. We do this by creating new ways of working through stylish events, digital solutions and observant brand ambassadors."

our purpose

"To build your brand in the field of gaming, eSport and consumer electronics through engaging and innovative concepts within events, digital solutions and promotion."

our values

"We are passionate about creating, developing and designing. We never settle, we always seek to improve. We are positive, honest, hard working and innovative. We get the job done, and we always walk that extra mile. We care about your product and partners. We use suppliers with the same values as us. We challenge ideas and respect differences of opinion. We use sound judgement in all of our choices. We learn from the mistakes we and others make. We are trustworthy and confidant. We think smart and dream big."

we make it play

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E-mail: info@iplay.dk

VAT no.: DK28889410

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