Activation within eSport and gaming​

We create engaging activation

We create brand awareness for our clients through eSport and gaming. We do this by connecting brands with end users through engaging activities. We design and create innovative concepts that enable playful user experiences. And we offer 360° activation both online and offline to accomplish successful conversions.

Our services

The cool atmosphere, the great experience, the small details. We promote your brand in unison with your guests as center of attention.

Easy to access with features and engaging entertainment for visitors. We help you create your online universe for your next project.

Kind and listening, explaining about your product to guests and visitors. We have a large team of promoters with great gaming insights.

From sketch to pop-up store, event or digital universe. We will put our minds and whiteboards to the test to concept develop your project.

Field sales and brand ambassadors in the market doing compliance, training store staff, and making sure your product is the chose one.

Storage, packing and shipment of goods and elements before, in between and after events. We handle all logistics needed.