About Us

We make it play

We create brand awareness for our clients through eSport and gaming. We do this by connecting brands with end users through engaging activities. We design and create innovative concepts that enable playful user experiences. And we offer 360° activation both online and offline to accomplish successful conversions.

Do you have a project?

Every great dream starts with a dreamer, and every succesfull project with a good project manager. We help you get safely from idea through development and all the way to people actually buying your product.

We follow your brand guidelines and activate your brand within eSport and gaming. We work with from the initial idea through design and all the way to actual execution. And when the project is done we assist you with an event report with visitor numbers, POE etc.


1. Research

What, why, how, when and where

2. Design

Theme and elements

3. Presentation

Concept and ideas


4. Offers

Offers from suppliers

5. Cost calculation

How much?

6. Approval

Adjustments and quotation


7. Booking

Venue, elements, logistics etc.

8. Coordination

Venue, suppliers, partners etc.

9. Production

Logistics and construction